Halloween (2018) – A Film About Trauma

By Chris Gallagher As Michael Myers walks past a crying baby, kitchen knife in hand, briefly looking into its cradle, a wry smile crosses my face. The Halloween reboot has made Michael Myers a genuine force of nature once again. As he saunters through Haddonfield, randomly and brutally murdering, it’s clear that this is the Michael Myers of the original film and not the subsequent … Continue reading Halloween (2018) – A Film About Trauma

1980’s Horror Soundtracks: Top 5

As we reach October and Halloween is approaching rapidly, it once again feels like the right time to get into the mood of things and give you a list of some of my favourite horror soundtracks. I’ve decided to make this a list of 80’s scores only as it’s my favourite era of horror film and scores, and just for the sake of keeping it … Continue reading 1980’s Horror Soundtracks: Top 5

The Slasher Movie – Top 5

By Chris Gallagher With a raft of postmodern horror films being released in recent years I decided to look back at the classic American slasher film. As someone who grew up with a fascination and love of horror, it’s incredibly difficult to boil down any of my favourite sub genres into a top 5 list but I decided to give it a go anyway. The … Continue reading The Slasher Movie – Top 5