Social Realism and the ‘British New Wave’

By Chris Gallagher Social realism is one of the defining characteristics of British Cinema but what is it and how do we classify it? A focus on the everyday gives the audience an experience in the authentic and shows the world and society for what it truly is. It’s a gritty representation of the world using techniques developed by the early British documentary movement. A … Continue reading Social Realism and the ‘British New Wave’

The Cinema of Wong Kar-Wai

By Chris Gallagher Wong Kar-Wai is a visionary in the world of film. A filmmaker that continues to question boundaries of style and narrative, his films are a visceral experience with each frame filled with colour and texture. Wong Kar-Wai is one of a few Chinese directors that have received International acclaim but whereas John Woo is known for his high-octane action films, Wong falls … Continue reading The Cinema of Wong Kar-Wai