Lady Bird: A Tale of Working Class Guilt

By Graeme McKay

Vladimir Nabokov told us that good readers shouldn’t look to emotionally identify with the protagonist of a story, and for the most part I managed to avoid falling into that trap while watching Lady Bird. Most of the film didn’t engage me very much, but the working class guilt was like a gut punch: a sometimes overplayed, but always interesting thread that permeated the mother and daughter relationship. Continue reading

Annie Hall – More Than Just A Romantic Comedy


Chris Gallagher discusses his favourite film – Annie Hall. Is it as influential as they say? 

In 1978, Annie Hall won best picture at the 50th academy awards ceremony in Los Angeles. It beat the likes of Star Wars (1977), Julia (1977), The Turning Point (1977) and The Goodbye Girl (1977). As well as best picture, Woody Allen took home best director, Diane Keaton won best actress and Allen and Marshall Brickman took home the Oscar for best screenplay. Continue reading