Appropriate Behavior – A Modern Comedy Classic

By Chris Gallagher Appropriate Behavior (2014), directed by and starring Desiree Akhavan, is a film I watched at the Glasgow Film Theatre last year and enjoyed immensely. It achieves a perfect balance between the critiquing of modern America and the story of a bisexual Iranian-American woman living in a post 9/11 world. After the showing a Q&A was held with director Desiree Akhavan and she … Continue reading Appropriate Behavior – A Modern Comedy Classic

The Slasher Movie – Top 5

By Chris Gallagher With a raft of postmodern horror films being released in recent years I decided to look back at the classic American slasher film. As someone who grew up with a fascination and love of horror, it’s incredibly difficult to boil down any of my favourite sub genres into a top 5 list but I decided to give it a go anyway. The … Continue reading The Slasher Movie – Top 5

Cinema of the European Gaze

By Chris Gallagher What does it mean to be European? European culture is linked via a collection of shared misunderstandings. The connection between a Scottish and Polish filmmaker may be tenuous in terms of language and background but a shared familiarity of experience within European philosophy, allows them to produce a distinct style within their films. Scottish director Lynne Ramsay has stated that she would … Continue reading Cinema of the European Gaze