Batman Vs Superman – Review

By John Murphy

Batman vs Superman is a Beautiful disaster that had me at one point pulling my hair out and at another completely mesmerized. The true nature of any artistic endeavour is to stir an emotional reaction within the audience, positive or negative, and BvS does that wonderfully.

It’s a technical shambles in places with some really odd scenes that seem completely unrelated to the narrative flow of the film. The editing is baffling at times, with some disconnected sequences strung together to facilitate a random reveal. It’s incoherent, and feels like a collection of different cuts of the film spliced together. I cant say I’m surprised though, Zack Snyder did almost the same thing with Watchmen – So from that regard we may get an exquisite Batman vs Superman Directors Cut.

Ben Affleck plays Batman wonderfully. You can see his rage and hatred but also his distinct vulnerability and sheer naivety. The screen time shared between Affleck and Cavill is some of the best moments of the film, both excelling in their roles of flawed God and man. Cavill IS Superman and his righteousness and sheer backbone of morality is both clever and annoying.

The supporting cast are great and Jessie Eisenberg does a fantastic job as Lex Luthor. He plays the unhinged maniac, that just about keeps it together, with aplomb. Larry Fishburne and Jeremy Irons are chronically underused but I expect them to pop up in the Directors Cut a lot more. Amy Adams plays a more realistic Lois Lane than previous incarnations and Gal Gadot is, well, Wonder Woman.

Batman vs Superman, as mentioned above, is a beautiful disaster that was always going to create a wave of negative reviews. If you can see through it’s flaws, you’ll find a film rich in performance, emotion and truth.

God bless Ben Affleck.

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