TRUE OR FALSE – Ted Bundy | First Man | Piracy | The Big Lebowski | Star Wars

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It’s TRUE OR FALSE – the feature that allows Warped Footage to contemplate the biggest issues in film.

Answering this week’s big questions are Graeme McKay, Saira Perwaiz and Paul McKenzie.

1. Documentaries are a better than biopics in terms of gaining insight into events such as the Ted Bundy story.

Graeme: TRUE-ISH  I think that’s clear for the most part, but I reckon that fiction can perhaps paint analogous pictures that maybe offer insights or expand and develop ideas that documentaries cannot/will not.

Saira: TRUE – Documentaries give information that is more thorough but usually come in several parts, whereas biopics are good if you don’t have a vested interest and just want a brief insight.

Paul: TRUE – Similar to last week’s opening question: if we are looking for facts, they’re going to be more accurate in a documentary than in a biopic. What I would say is that sometimes the truth is more unusual than fiction – see Abducted in Plain Sight, for example.

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2. First Man has been undervalued in this year’s Oscar nominations.

Graeme: DUNNO  Have heard good things from some (mostly the people on this site) and middling things from others.

Saira: PROBS – Can’t say as I haven’t watched it. But probably…

Paul: DEPENDS – I think there’s currently a grey area that the Oscars are working through. When Black Panther is nominated and isn’t even the second best superhero film, then surely questions need to be asked. But I do think there’s room for discussion for First Man to be valued higher.

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3. The fact that people pirate movies is the fault of the way the film industry structures its releases.

Graeme: FALSE People love a ‘victimless’ crime, especially if the ‘victim’ of the ‘victimless’ crime is a multinational corporation .

Saira: TRUE – I don’t do it myself but I think piracy is around because it is easy. People also lack patience and don’t want to waste money on the cinema.

Paul: FALSE  £12 for a ticket, £3.50 for juice and £2.50 for Skittles is why people pirate films. Ultimately, this is going back to the distribution companies being greedy and having crazy ticket splits: Avatar was something like 95/5. Madness.

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4. A sequel to The Big Lebowski would be exactly what we need in these stressful, uncertain times.

Graeme: TRUE – My first instinct was FALSE, but on second thoughts it would be fun to see them get into more Raymond Chandler-inspired adventures.

Saira: FALSE  A sequel isn’t going to help us. [Editor’s Note – Jesus, that’s bleak…]

Paul: FALSE  And I don’t think there is need for more detail. The Stella ad has left a worst taste in my mouth than Stella would have.

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5. Disney has has gone overboard with the number of Star Wars movies it has released and planned.

Graeme: TRUE  They should have stopped before the first one. [Editor’s note – Graeme’s views do not necessarily represent those of the rest of us]

Saira: TRUE – They have but the optimist in me is hoping they have a lot of character development planned and a lot of twists. Truth be told, I hate it but I’m also ready for it. 

Paul: FALSE – I think they are always going to exploit something with such a huge backstory; especially with the comics and books about the characters and universe. It just happens to be the case that they have a huge worldwide appeal. I would be more worried about them watering down the quality rather than the quantity of films.




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