TRUE OR FALSE – Awards | TV Acting | Bandersnatch | Sport Movies | Black Panther

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It’s the return of TRUE OR FALSE – a feature that allows Warped Footage to contemplate the biggest issues in film.

Answering this week’s big questions are Graeme McKay, Saira Perwaiz and Christopher Gallagher.

1. Awards Season is pointless and frustrating.

Graeme: FALSE For the most part I have no time for the awards: I can make my own mind up about films and performances and the separation of actors based on sex is really silly. However, they do provide an opportunity to give recognition to the people behind the scenes on movies and they also, through some of the more obscure categories, shine a light on some films that perhaps people have never heard of. The best film and best director categories are insanely boring though, films created in a paint-by-numbers-to-win-an-oscar kinda way. 

Saira: FALSE – It can be frustrating when your favourite actor doesn’t win or when it’s the standard cookie cutter films that are given awards but it’s not entirely pointless. It makes people take notice of film releases they may not have considered, credits some decent film making and, not film related but it’s always fun looking at the outfits the celebs wear.

Chris: TRUE/FALSE – I agree that it’s frustrating because my choices rarely marry up with the award panel, however, winning one of the more prestigious awards can be monumental to an up and coming filmmakers or actors career. So although in the grand scheme of things it doesn’t matter, it can be used as a positive tool to get certain projects green lit.

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2. There is a snobbery towards television acting in comparison with film performances.

Graeme: FALSE  I think a few years ago that would have been the case, but now, unfortunately, TV has a far greater focus on it and more investment is being plowed into it. Instead of TV being brought up to the standard of cinema, it feels like film is being brought down to the standard of TV: the extremely TV-like quality of Bird Box being a recent example.

Saira: TRUE – I’m not sure why this is the case and have no solid backing for my point other than the fact there’s just not that much of a big deal in the media around someone who is good in TV unless they cross over into film.  

Chris: TRUE – Even though there has been massive strides in the quality of Television performance since True Detective Season One, there will always be a snobbery towards TV compared to film. I would point you towards Amy Adams performance in Sharp Objects and challenge you to name a better performance on the silver screen.

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3. Black Mirror: Bandersnatch should not be evaluated like a normal film.

Graeme: UNSURE Not the biggest fan of Black Mirror (they feel too much like an overblown thought experiment a lot of the time) and I’m not interested in choosing my own ending. 

Saira: TRUE – Pick your own ending? All rubbish but pick one anyway. Interactive viewing is a cop out. Director needs to make up their mind, choose an ending and give the audience peace. I could maybe applaud it for originality but I won’t because I don’t like it.

Chris: FALSE  Bandersnatch was a massive disappointment to me. IF you take away the interactive element it fails as a film because it just wasn’t;t very interesting. I felt they focused more on that element than the actual narrative. It IS a film and as such should be evaluated as one… and it failed to hit the mark as either an interactive experience or a narrative driven story for me.

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4. Sport Movies are always narratively trite and rarely good.

Graeme: FALSE – I think they are USUALLY trite, but there are some exceptions. Warrior being one! Oh and Goal… 🙂

Saira: FALSE  It can be good old fashioned cheese and I’m here for it if the story is decent. Having said that I wouldn’t go out my way to watch a sport movie so I’m a little undecided now. Sorry, pass. 

Chris: FALSE  Although they mostly follow the same plot points and are structured almost uniformly there are plenty of Sports films that stand out on their own regarding genuine quality. For every Rocky there is a Chariots of Fire and for every Escape To Victory theres a Goal…..ok so maybe there are a number of crap Sports films but there are some genuine classics in there too.

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5. Black Panther was a significant step forward in terms of cinematic diversity.

Graeme: TRUE  It proved to the finance people in Hollywood that we don’t give a shit if the lead actor is not white. It’s pretty embarrassing that in 2018 that still needed to be proved, to be honest. I have African-American friends in Oakland and it what Blank Panther meant to them was beyond words.  

Saira: TRUE(ish) – I would never have thought this would happen, even 10 years ago. A superhero of colour and or African descent is one thing but an entire cast in a mega blockbuster film is another. It’s a significant step but I feel true diversity would be if there was a solid mix of all ethnicities in all films, without question. We have a long way to go.

Chris: TRUE – Black Panther, although not as great as people have made out, was enjoyable and important. A mainly black cast with genuinely developed characters will do a lot to encourage more diversity throughout the comic-book movie world. I did take issue with some elements of representation but it’s certainly a step in the right direction.




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