TRUE OR FALSE – DVDs | Posters | Lists | It’s a Wonderful Life | Censorship

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It’s TRUE OR FALSE – a feature that allows Warped Footage to contemplate the biggest issues in film.

Answering this week’s big questions are Graeme McKay, Saira Perwaiz and Paul McKenzie.

1. DVDs are irrelevant in this day and age.

Graeme: FALSE They are cultural artefacts that I keep on my shelves in chronological order and sometimes like to stroke as I go by them!

Saira: FALSE – I understand this is the age of streaming and minimalism but I love a hard copy to ‘keep’ and cherish for years and years until DVD is eventually obsolete.

Paul: TRUE – But that does not mean they aren’t nice to have.

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2. In some cases, a poster alone is enough to get excited about a film.

Graeme: TRUE  A good poster is the ultimate trailer! The poster of the original Halloween tells you all you need to know before watching the film. The Exorcist also has the kind of poster where you think: OK, i don’t need any more information, just show me the film. Pulp Fiction is another poster that just tells you so much. My favourite is probably Manhattan. Probably not the type of poster to get you excited about the film, but works so well once you have seen the movie.

Saira: FALSE – I LOVE posters. I appreciate the art and the detail and the iconic status of posters. I will be blown away and marvel on how it’s caught my attention but I don’t get excited for a film based on a poster alone.

Paul: TRUE – It’s definitely enough on its own (if done well).

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3. Films of the Year lists are a pointless venture.

Graeme: FALSE Film of the Year lists work in a number of positive ways, especially the lists that shine a light on less mainstream films, for exampl, I wouldn’t have seen the film Ida if it had not been for a Film of the Year list. They also provoke discussion, which sadly doesnt happen enough nowadays when it comes to cinema.

Saira: TRUE – There are too many films that are amazing for different reasons. You can’t pitch different genres against each other. I mean it may get my attention but I don’t really care about these claims.

Paul: TRUE  But with art being subjective should probably be used more as a if you like these types of movies lists.

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4. It’s a Wonderful Life is the best Christmas film.

Graeme: FALSE – Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is the best Christmas film. Don’t @ me. Nah, It’s A Wonderful Life is great, but one thing that struck me the last time I watched it is how much of a propaganda piece it actually is. It was released in 1946 and the strongest message in it is for people to make do with what they have got and to not go chasing any of their dreams. It’s a really sad film, even apart from the whole suicide angle. I still love it though and watch it every Christmas.

Saira: FALSE  I like the film and respect that it’s certainly stood the test of time… but it’s not my favourite so I don’t agree with it being the best. 

Paul: N/A – Haven’t seen it. [Editor’s Note: “What????”]

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5. Older films should be censored if they use language that we now deem offensive.

Graeme: FALSE  Definitely not. Films are a product of a time and if they don’t hold up, they don’t hold up. They shouldn’t be retroactively edited by anyone that is not the creator. The fact that the black lab in the Dam Busters is called the N-word is appalling, but the film should live or die by that ‘creative’ choice. Plus the film is jingoist nonsense, so don’t watch it anyway. 

Saira: FALSE – I think it’s important to keep everything as it is as it’s a true reflection of what was acceptable during that period of time. We have the social awareness to know what’s right and wrong now so we can’t go about changing the past. Leave it be, learn from it and move on. 

Paul: FALSE – I don’t think that it helps to censor them.




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