TRUE OR FALSE – Avengers | Subtitles | Elf | Bumblebee | Great Scenes


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It’s TRUE OR FALSE – a feature that allows Warped Footage to contemplate the biggest issues in film.

Answering this week’s big questions are Graeme McKay, Saira Perwaiz and Paul McKenzie.


1. The trailer for Avengers: Endgame is exactly how trailers should be made.

Graeme: TRUE  As far as trailers go for these types of films, the new Avengers one is great: basically gauges the temperature without giving too much away at all. We have the grim reality of the situation, the melodrama and then the comic relief in the last few seconds. There is no one in the world who is going to base their decision on whether to watch this film on the trailer so all it has to do is remind you it’s coming and tease you to get you hyped. Does all of those things.

Saira: TRUE – The entire trailer holds your interest by making you wonder what could have happened, without giving anything away. It’s how all trailers should be. I cannot stand those awful ones where the entire film is mapped out for you  

Paul: TRUE – I would say it’s a good engaging trailer (as they should be) this is always going to differ from film type to film type. But this has worked really well and I think a lot of that is to do with the last avengers being so good that you actively want to know about endgame.

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2. Watching a film with subtitles is a less-engaging experience.

Graeme: FALSE  If anything it is more engaging. I think nowadays a lot of us try to do other things when consuming media: whether that be absentmindedly checking Instagram or doing something else entirely (my girlfriend watched Sing at the weekend on her mobile phone while baking Christmas biscuits, for example) — it’s the curse of modernity. A film with subtitles ensures that you can do nothing but give the movie your complete attention. 

Saira: FALSE – Maybe I’m the wrong person to ask as I enjoy subtitles even on English programmes but Pan’s Labyrinth is one of my favourite films and I have watched anime, many K-dramas and my experience wasn’t less engaging for it. There’s a whole world of foreign films/shows out there that do the job far better than Hollywood. For anyone who’s apprehensive, try to watch a few films and you’ll see how quickly you pick up on it.  

Paul: FALSE – I disagree with this. I sometime feel that needing to pay more attention between reading and viewing, works to make you appreciate the film more as your full attention is being focussed on the film.

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3. Elf is not a good Christmas film.

Graeme: FALSE Again we need to come back to what we regard as being the criteria for a Christmas film. Elf has a redemptive story in that the central character’s Dad must change in order to save his family from sleepwalking into disconnected apathy. It also contains the message of what the ‘Christmas spirit’ is and why it’s important to spread it. And for me: Christmas is New York City and New York City is Christmas. Elf has it all! White Christmas, on the other hand? Is THAT a Christmas film? 

Saira: FALSE – How can it not be a good Christmas film, it’s literally about a Christmas loving elf? I don’t think it’s the best festive film ever and don’t watch it every year like some do but it’s a fun Christmas film and there’s not a lot else to say about it.  

Paul: FALSE Elf is a good Christmas film, away for being slightly uncomfortable about the ‘angry elf’ scenes. I like it it’s silly and fun and was made for Will Ferrell.

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4. Bumblebee could be a surprisingly interesting take on the Transformers franchise.

Graeme: TRUE – I saw the trailer for it when I was last at the cinema and it looks as if they are trying to grab some of that Marvel magic: making the film a bit less self serious and perhaps aiming for a younger market. It doesn’t really interest me, but i think it will open the franchise up a little. Unless, of course, the world is getting a bit bored of that formula.

Saira: TRUE Michael Bay isn’t directing so that’s the best indication of a decent take on the Transformers series. However I think he is producing it which muddies the waters. Hmmm it’s a difficult one and these words may come back to haunt me but I’m going to take a chance on it and say it’ll be decent.  

Paul: TRUE – As anything should be better than the garbage that came before it. Not everything sucked but. A whole lot did. And I like Shia LaBeouf.

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5. It is not possible to enjoy individual scenes if a film, as a whole, is poor.

Graeme: FALSE  La La Land has a great opening scene and, for me, is overall a hollow facsimile of a Golden Age Hollywood musical. Like a Gene Kelly film without any of the style or charm. But that opening scene. Pure cinema.

Saira: UNDECIDED – You CAN appreciate scenes in a film but if it’s poor overall it just means you won’t go back to watch it or remember it as a good film. There’s also the danger you are so fed up by the point a good scene comes on that you don’t care. There have been many films where I’ve been in awe at the setting or the acting in a scene but the lack of cohesiveness annoys me.

Paul: FALSE – I’ve seen loads of film that, in my view, were average but one shot or scene has had me say, “oh wow! Where did this come from??”. Ultimately the question of why is it so few and far between but comes up. But sometimes it’s luck some times it’s parameters of people in charge of the filmmaker.




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