BUZZARD (2014) – Review

By Chris Gallagher

In the great tradition of American Independent Cinema, BUZZARD comes bursting onto the screen as a postmodern nod to the great ‘Indiewood’ classics of the past.

We follow Marty, a slacker with a keen interest in horror, as he goes to every length possible to avoid doing work of any sort…..EVER. Marty is a character that would fit into any number of ‘Slacker’ movies from the 1980s but he has a much darker edge to him. His innocence and naivety is juxtaposed against his deep seeded rage that sees him commit fraud, assault a cheque clerk and take part in a B&E.

BUZZARD is created in the spirit of the DIY aesthetic that was popular in the underground punk scene of the 80’s and the influences that Potrykus pulls from are clear from the start. Think Richard Linklater mashed with Minor Threat.

It’s well-paced and although Marty’s interactions with actual people are few and far between, the performance of Joshua Burge is terrific and powerful enough to drive the entire film along on his own. The nod to 1980’s horror was a welcome nuance with Marty creating his own Freddy Krueger glove and wearing various horror related clothes throughout.

BUZZARD deals with the idea of isolation, expectation and the need to justify our existence. It’s well directed with some real guerrilla style filmmaking clearly evident. It’s tonally dark for a so called ‘Slacker’ film but by dealing with these darker themes it becomes something all the more interesting.

Have you seen BUZZARD? Did you enjoy it?
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