TRUE OR FALSE – Star Wars | Ghostbusters | Tangerine | IT Follows | Nighcrawler | DC vs. Marvel


It’s TRUE OR FALSE – A feature that allows Warped Footage to contemplate recent and upcoming events in the world of Film.

Asking the hard questions this week is CHRIS GALLAGHER and the people behind the answers are Marek Robert, Craig Douglas and Iain Dougan.

1. Star Wars – The Force Awakens is an instant classic and is by far the best of the Star Wars franchise.

MAREK: FALSE – I don’t have a bad word to say about “The Force Awakens” as I loved every minute of it and I think JJ Abrams captured the feel and spirit of the original trilogy perfectly. However, for me, the original trilogy, especially “Empire”, are still my personal favourites of the franchise. Having said that, I have only seen The Force Awakens once and my opinion may change after multiple viewings.

CRAIG: FALSE –  Although I loved ‘The Force Awakens’ and think it’s an excellent first act to the new trilogy, I wouldn’t say it’s an instant classic. J.J Abrams has done an exceptional job with this movie. He’s managed to introduce new intriguing characters (Finn/Kylo/Rey), he’s given the fans what they’ve wanted since 1983 (more Han and Chewie) and he’s made an exciting and surprisingly funny Star wars movie. However, I think that Rian Johnson has the opportunity to take a few more risks with episode 8 that will elevate the boys own adventure to classic status just like Kershner managed with ‘The Empire Strikes Back’……which for me is still the best movie of the franchise.

IAIN: FALSE – ‘The Force Awakens’ is an excellent film and great fun from start to finish (particularly the final third). It is far better than any of the prequels but never hits the height of Empire…however it sets a foundation that suggest that Episode 8 could.

2. It doesn’t matter that the cast of ‘Ghostbusters’ is all-female, all that matters is that it captures the spirit and charm of the original films.


Bustin makes me feel…..all funny

MAREK: NEITHER – I’m one of these cynical people who hates most (but not all) remakes or reboots, with obvious exceptions like Fury Road and Dawn of the Dead. I can’t help but wonder what the point is really. Does Ghostbusters really need a reboot? Personally I think they should just leave it alone….all- female cast or not.

CRAIG: TRUE – I’m really looking forward to this movie. Kirsten Wiig and Melissa McCarthy have shown already they have excellent chemistry in Bridesmaids, one of the funniest movies of the decade. If Paul Feig manages to swap the wedding dresses for proton packs and ‘cross the streams’ of the original Ghostbusters and Bridesmaids, then I’ll be happy. It’s long overdue for women and young girls to have a group of heroes that they can identify with in a movie franchise.

IAIN: FALSE – And not because the cast is all female. Frankly the thought of a Paul Feig helmed comedy about ghosts with some of the funniest female comedians around sounds an entertaining prospect- I just don’t see why a remake/sequel for Ghostbusters is required. I’d prefer it went off and tried to make its own spirit/charm without having to deal with the weight of the ‘title’.

3. The independent feature ‘Tangerine’ which was shot using an iPhone, shows that anyone has the ability to create an interesting piece of film.


Quit withholding the OJ

MAREK: TRUE – Admittedly I have yet to see “Tangerine” so I’m unable to comment on how the film looks but I am very much looking forward to seeing it. Most of my favourite films come from the 70’s and 80’s and I love how movies from that era look and sound. If you have an original and interesting idea for a film and you are able to bring your idea to life using an iPhone to film it, then I can’t see any problem with that.

CRAIG: TRUE – I haven’t seen ‘Tangerine’ but I do believe that any art created with soul and passion behind it has the ability to move and inspire, regardless of what tools were used to create it. If this movie inspires a new generation of filmmakers then I’m all for that. Daniel Johnston recorded most of his best music with a boombox and a broken organ and it remains influential to this day.

IAIN: FALSE – Everybody has access to create a film, in no way does this equate with having something interesting to say…. It’s a bit like saying because everyone can download GarageBand we should all be making albums.

4. The success of ‘IT FOLLOWS’ shows that to make an interesting, contemporary horror film you must look to the past in terms of style and tone.


It does…..the rumour about getting rid of it with mouthwash is false.

MAREK: FALSE –  “It Follows” was one of my top films of last year and one of the best horror films of the last few years. I loved that it was a tip of the hat to classic horror films of the late 70’s and early 80’s and I felt like a kid watching Halloween or A Nightmare on Elm Street again. However, I’m not sure that you could say looking to the past is the only way to make an interesting contemporary horror. Tomas Alfredson’s “Let the Right One In” being a prime example of how to reinvigorate a seemingly tired Vampire genre.

CRAIG: FALSE – I worry for horror movies. When people ask me what I think of ‘It follows’ I usually say “the soundtrack was amazing”… that’s a bad sign. The last horror I enjoyed was ‘The Conjuring’ and that was basically a rehash of every horror flick you’ve ever seen. The genre is screaming out for something fresh ‘Cabin in the woods’ has been the most inventive horror in years but it’s more funny than terrifying. In the past, horror has been a gateway for new exciting filmmakers to express themselves. We desperately need one to come along and scare the bejesus out of us.

IAIN: I haven’t seen it and am not really a horror buff. I shall put it on my list and report back in due time….

5. Nightcrawler is one of the most underrated films of the last few years and did not receive the praise it deserved.


A/S/L? 🙂

MAREK: FALSE – Firstly, I wouldn’t say “Nightcrawler” is underrated as it received widespread critical acclaim and did reasonably well at the box office. I’m a fan of the film and I thought Jake Gyllenhaal’s performance was fantastic but I did feel the critics hailing it as masterpiece were slightly off the mark.

CRAIG: TRUE –  Jake Gyllenhaal’s ‘eye acting’ trilogy starts with ‘Source code’ (blinky) followed  by ‘Prisoners’ (Twitchy) and ends with the wonderful Nightcrawler (Starey). Gyllenhaal should have won an oscar for his role as full blown nutball who excels in the world of freelance crime journalism. ‘Russo’ was also criminally overlooked when award season rolled around. A modern day ‘Taxi Driver’ that should be as equally revered.

IAIN: HELLS YEAH!!! –  I absolutely loved Nightcrawler- for me the Academy’s refusal to even nominate Gyllenhaal for Best Actor in what is a terrifying representation of psychopathy and instead giving the award to Eddie Redmayne shows how out of touch they can be. The scene in the Mexican restaurant is cringe inducing like nothing I’ve seen before, credit to Dan Gilroy for remembering that Renne Russo exists and on her day is a fine actress. The mirror this film holds up to American society gives a pretty grim but accurate view of what the ‘American Dream’ really means today.

6. With the release of Batman vs Superman and Suicide Squad, DC will successfully challenge Marvel in the superhero movie genre.


Superman really is such an egotistical prick

Marek: No Comment. (Marek is not a Superhero Movie fan)

CRAIG: TRUE – Although I’m slightly worried by the second Batman vs Superman trailer, I’m still optimistic. ‘Suicide Squad’ is a really clever way to introduce a rouges gallery of villains into the DC cinematic universe and as long as Will Smith keeps his helmet on as deadshot, I’ll be happy. In my opinion the most important movie for DC this year is Deadpool….. I know… It’s a Marvel movie..but If the ultra violent, sweary Deadpool is a hit then this will suit DCs darker back catalogue and without the restrictions of trying to make every movie a PG-13 DC could thrive. Could you imagine an R-rated Batman? I’d buy that for a dollar.

IAIN: FALSE – Not a chance. In fact I think there’s more chance that DC’s film ‘strain’ doesn’t exist this time next year than them posing a serious threat to Marvel. Batman vs Superman looks a complete mess though I’m looking forward to Suicide Squad. I think DC should stick to TV- they seem to have got that formula right where Marvel have found it more of a struggle.




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