Slime City – OST Review

The release of Slime City see’s yet another forgotten film score resurrected from the lost vaults of obscurity and launched into the ever-expanding world of vinyl soundtrack reissues.  The average soundtrack collector would be forgiven for having never heard of this obscure retro 80’s oddity, whilst others may think about giving it a miss due to the overwhelming onslaught of film scores flooding the market….but think again, Slime City is unlike any film score you will have EVER heard and is well worth your time and money.

The film itself, directed by George Lamberson is a low budget, sleazy goo-fest from 1988, which would appeal to fans of trashy splatter films like Street Trash. It tells the story of Alex, a young chap who moves into cheap New York apartment and contracts a strange slimy disease after sleeping with his neighbour. Alex begins to transform into a vicious monster with yellow slime oozing from his body and realises the only way to stop it is to commit murder. It’s cheap, nasty and truly ridiculous…just the way I like it.


Main Title
Meeting Nicole
Night Games
Himalayan Yogurt
Slime Time
Zachary’s Legacy
Dinner Slime

Robert Tomaro composed the score to Slime City and as far as I can tell it’s the only film score he ever did.  The liner notes for this release state that Tomaro, now “MaestroTomaro, currently conducts the Beloit Janesville Symphony Orchestra in Beloit, Wisconsin.

Tomaro’s score is broken down into a few different, equally bizarre styles. A grotesque mish-mash of surf, new wave, 80’s synth and free jazz, if you are looking for a more conventional horror score then this one probably isn’t for you. The first track and main title theme is one of a few new wave surf tracks that are the most notable and enjoyable on the score.  Think the Dead Kennedys soaked in in 80’s mutated synth slime.  Sound like a great combination? Well it is and it works wonderfully.

A large number of the tracks on Slime City are short cues that last less than a minute but each and every one is as compelling and strange as the last.  The electronic free jazz of cue’s like “You Crazy Bastard” and “Discovery” are some of my personal favourites on the score.

There are some straight up synthy horror cues here too which will give the horror score fiend his needed dose, but Tomaro adds his own freakishly off key sound, giving you the overall feeling that this score is one long collective piece of music that belongs together.

Artwork-wise Strange Disc have opted for a simple and easy on the eye cover which captures the 80’s New York feel of the film and looks fantastic as a 12-inch sleeve.  If you were lucky enough to pre-order this from Strange Disc (I wasn’t) then it was available in a “Slime Splat” variant or the bog standard black version.  The audio sounds great too, surely better than it ever has.


You Crazy Bastard!
Spurning Nicole
Madame Selena
Gothic Temptress
Jail Bait
Seaman’s Rap
Lori & Nicole
Prelude To Sex
Gross Out Climax
End Titles

Available for the first time ever on vinyl through Strange Disc Records, the guys who already brought us the tremendous Surf Nazi’s Must Die and have recently announced the upcoming reissue of the classic synth-pop album, Playback by SSQ.

Slime City is another terrific slice of pure retro insanity from a label that is showing huge potential and that is quickly becoming one of my favourites. Take a piece, you know you want to…but beware it may cause side effects of extreme yellow goo!

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