Nekromantik – OST Review

The score to the infamous German nasty Nekromantik was released earlier this year through the fantastic One Way Static records, another top reissue from the Belgian based soundtrack label. The film itself was infamously banned in numerous countries throughout the world due to it’s realistic gore, animal cruelty and an extremely odd threesome with a severely decomposed corpse.

Jorge Buttgereit’s cult art-horror film was only passed by the BBFC last year and has since received a minor renaissance amongst horror and genre movie fans.  If you can muster up the courage to watch it, then you might find that Nekromantik is actually a very well made, intelligent film that deserves every ounce of its cult status.

Just be warned, once the credits roll, you will never want to have sex EVER again.

The first two tracks of the score are composed by Daktari Lorenz, the main star of the film and are perhaps the most memorable. First up is the theme tune Nekromantik that kicks off with some hideous synthesized string stabs and transcends into a filthy lo-fi, classical synth piece, before regressing back into sinister madness. His second track sounds like it was made on a cheap-ass Casio keyboard. Lorenz’s synths are seedy and poorly recorded but somehow he manages to pull off a track that is strangely uplifting.


01 Nekromantik
02 At Home
03 Ménage À Trois
04 Pas De Deux
05 Supper
06 Surprise

John Boy Walton, a former member of the German cowpunk group The Waltons, composes the next two tracks, albeit both are very short pieces of music.  Walton’s style moves away from the synthe of Lorenz to a more piano based sound. The first track Ménage a Trois takes place during….yes you guessed it……that infamous threesome scene and the sentimental, romantic sounds of Walton’s piano keys make a scene that is really quite horrific seem almost comical. Pas de Deux is another short and simple piano piece by Walton that’s beauty but lulls you into a false sense of security as it’s followed by the gritty, disturbing sounds of Hermann Klopp.

Most of the Hermann Klopp tracks feature during the most grotesque and brutal scenes in the film, and whilst the images on screen are pretty horrendous, Klopp’s drunken, experimental classical jazz only exacerbates proceedings. From the wailing violins and industrial dissonance of Autopsy and Dream Surgery to the repetitive, minimal screeches of Jellyface, there’s nothing truly enjoyable about Klopp’s music….but that is clearly his intention.  To be frank, you won’t find yourself listening to these tracks in a room full of people at a party…these songs are for your ears…..and your ears only!


07 Deafmusic For A Grey Movie
08 Autopsy
09 Jellyface
10 Dream Surgery
11 Drunk
12 Sapor Sanguinus

A welcome addition to this already definitive release by One Way Static is a bonus 7-inch that contains another few nasty experimental Klopp tracks, including what sounds like a warped, mutated version of the Nekromantik theme tune. There are also a couple of alternate versions of the John Boy Walton piano tracks that are again very short and touching.

One Way Static provide the full shebang with Nekromantik.  Beautiful packaging, heinous artwork, liner notes from the director Buttgereit and a bonus 7-inch to top things off. This is another high quality release from one of my favourite labels.

In terms of the music, it won’t appeal to everybody and I’m not sure how much people who haven’t seen the film will enjoy it.  Personally, I love this score and even if it is a difficult listen in parts, I’m almost certain that come December it will be up there with my favourite reissues of the year.


13 Pas De Deux ’91
14 Ménage À Trois (Monster Version)
15 Gardener
16 Nekromantik ’91
17 Home (Domina Version)

BONUS FLEXI POSTCARD (Limited Edition Only)

18 Theme from Nekromantik (by Carpathian Forest)

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